As I age, I am beginning to realize how fragile life is and how precious and important family and friends are.

I wrote the poem below on August 19, 2017 at 8:20 am, the day after I was informed about the death of a friend that I had been “meaning to” contact.  Regretfully, it’s now too late.


Yesterday, the end of a perfect day, ended in a crazy kind of way.

When I finally listened to the messages on my phone, I learned that one of my friends had gone Home.

I won’t lie,

I wanted to cry.

Lord, I realize that you must have your way, but I broke down and shed some tears today.

With the troubles of this world my friend is done.

No more cares and worries, no not one.

Knowing he was heaven bound makes me glad.

Knowing that I’ll never see him around on earth makes me sad.

Oh, I’ll see my friend again when in heaven I arrive, but what hurts me is that I didn’t spend enough time with my friend while he was alive.

Take time for people and make time for people, I say!

Now, is there a friend or loved one that you should reach out to today?